Pho 99 Vietnamese Noodle House

Pinetree Village Unit 62 – 2991 Lougheed Highway Coquitlam BC Phone: 604-472-1299 Website: Visit Website

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Prepared with a variety of ingredients Vietnamese dishes usually set a balance between nutrition and healthy diet .. either rich , delicate or spicy Vietnamese dishes always arouse your appetite whit their delectable aroma and taste .enhanced further from fanciful cooking techniques of the Chinese oriental and the French occidental , the Vietnamese culinary art opens accomplished Vietnamese chefs to a vast challenge of skill and creativeness.

At Pho 99, we maintain to achieve the best possible cooking of the Vietnamese food. Our experienced chefs personally inspect the cut and the freshness of ingredients .technique nuance for each dish is strictly observed , either the spices to marinate the heat to grill , or the sauce to stir fry . and it becomes the constant challenge to our proud chefs  to introduce creative dishes regularly. Because, at Pho 99, it’s our aim to be the pro. And you can be assured that the food you order here will always be the most attentively prepared that a Vietnameses gourmet chef would wish to achieve.

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Open 7 days: From 11am to 11pm