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Pinetree Village Unit 300 – 2991 Lougheed Highway Coquitlam BC Phone: 604-464-2025 Website: Visit Website

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Yum! Brands, the largest restaurant company in the world, in terms of system units, and the leader in Multibranding, is looking for energetic new franchisees to share in our purpose and passion for Customer Mania by putting a Yum! on customers’ faces around the world.

This is your opportunity to invest in Yum! Brands and experience the power of big, category-leading brands! You can leverage our foodservice and Multibranding experience to capitalize on market development opportunities.

Yum! Brands believes we’re most productive when we work with franchisees using a “one-system” mentality. We’ve created a Franchise Pact that outlines how we want to work together.

We need highly motivated new franchisees to help bring our concepts to life. We are glad you have taken the time to learn more about our Yum! Brand franchise opportunities, and hope you will consider joining our team.

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Tue. Thu. Fri. Sat. Sun: 11am – 11pm
Mon. Wed: 11am – 10pm


Tue. Thu. Fri. Sat. Sun: 11am – 10pm
Mon. Wed: 11am – 9pm